All Bowling Fixtures 2023

(Details will be published shortly)

Saturday16th April 3.00pm Club Opening Day
Tuesday19th April 2.00pmLadies First Day of Play
Thursday21st April 2.00pmSenior Gents First Day of Play
Monday2nd May10.00amHoliday Game (Ladies & Gents)
Sunday8th May2.00pmGents League Cup Belvidere (Away)
Monday9th May7.00pmGents Shaw Cup
Wednesday11th May10.00amLadies 3 Bowl Balloted Pairs
Friday13th May6.30pmGents Club Pairs
Monday16th May7.00pmGents Shaw Cup
Wednesday18th May10.00am Josh Winter Triples Senior Gents Triples
Sunday22nd May 2.00pmCivic Game v Bothwell Ladies & Gents (Home)
Friday27th May6.30pmGents Club Pairs
Monday30th May7.00pmGents Shaw Cup
Wednesday1st June10.00amLadies Travel Guru Invitation Tournament
Sunday 5th June10.00am Holiday Game (Ladies & Gents)
Sunday5th June6.30pmGents Millennium (Away Lanark Thistle)
Monday6th June7.00pmGents Shaw Cup
Wednesday8th June10.00amSenior Gents Invitation Triples
Saturday 11th June (cancelled)10.00amLadies Nomination Triples
Saturday11th June6.30pmGents v Whitevale (5 Triples Away)
Monday 13th June7.00pmGents Shaw Cup
Saturday18th June10.00amTunnocks Gents Invitation Triples
Monday20th June7.00pmGents Shaw Cup
Tuesday21st June10.00amSenior Gents Balloted Pairs
Friday24th June6.30pmGents Lanarkshire Leagues
Monday27th June7.00pmGents Shaw Cup
Friday1st July6.30pmGents Lanarkshire Leagues
Monday4th July 7.00pmGents Shaw Cup
Tuesday5th July10.00am Mel Aitchison Senior Gents Triples
Friday8th July 6.30pmGents Lanarkshire Leagues
Wednesday13th July6.30pmGents Lanarkshire Leagues
Saturday16th July2.00pmGents v St. Rollox (5 Triples Home)
Sunday17th July10.00amHoliday Game – Ladies & Gents
Monday18th July7.00pmGents Shaw Cup
Sunday16th July 24th July10.30amLadies Millennium Balloted Triples
Monday 25th July 6.45pmGents Shaw Cup
Saturday30th July 10.00amPotts Gents Invitation Triples
Sunday31st July2.00pmGents Top Ten (Away Motherwell)
Monday1st August2.00pmLadies v Hamilton Friendly (Away)
Friday5th August6.30pmGents Lanarkshire Leagues
Sunday7th August10.00amMixed Balloted Pairs
Monday8th August7.00pmGents Shaw Cup Semi-Final
Wednesday10th August10.00amSenior Gents Invitation Mixed Fours
Friday12th August6.30pmGents Lanarkshire Leagues
Saturday13th August10.00amLadies 3-2-1 Fun Game
Monday15th August6.45pmGents Shaw Cup Final
Tuesday16th August2.00pmLadies v Senior Gents (Ladies Host)
Friday19th August6.15pm Gents Lanarkshire Leagues
Sunday21st August10.00amMixed Nominated Pairs
Monday22nd August2.00pmLadies v Bothwell (Away)
Thursday25th August2.00pmSenior Gents Finals Day
Monday – Friday2nd – 5th SeptemberVariousGents Finals Week
Saturday3rd September2.00pmAll Sections Championship Finals
Wednesday 7th September10.00amLadies Travel Guru Invitation Tournament
Saturday10th September2.00pmPresident’s Day (all club event bowling & tennis)
Tuesday26th July13th September10.00am Robert Gordon Senior Gents Triples
Monday – Saturday12-15th SeptemberVariousLadies Finals Week
Saturday17th September (cancelled)2.00pmLadies Past Presidents Game
Monday26th September10.00amHoliday Game – Ladies & Gents
Tuesday27th September2.00pmSenior Gents Closing Day
Thursday29th September2.00pmLadies Closing Day & Prizegiving
Saturday1st October7.00pm Gents Prizegiving & Club Closing Social Night
Thursday22nd December2.00pmSenior Gents Christmas Game