Club takes first step towards
being 'Dementia friendly'

Update –

The first meeting of the Dementia Friendly Working Group will take place on Thursday 25 May at 6.30pm.
Anyone who is interested in helping with this is very welcome to come along. The meeting is expected to take no more than an hour of your time.
Please email Ali Brown if you have any questions.

Uddingston Bowling and Tennis Club has taken the first steps towards making our club Dementia Friendly.

Following a meeting between Anne McWinnie of Alzheimer Scotland, President Colin Simpson, Secretary Steven McLaren and ladies member Ali Brown on Tuesday 2 May, it was agreed that a proposal would be put before Directors that same night.

Safe environment

It is universally acknowledged that dementia poses one of the most important challenges to our society, now and in the future.

With an aging population within our membership, particularly in bowling, we want to ensure that anyone with dementia symptoms feels safe and welcomed in our clubhouse.

Our initial meeting covered the basics of getting this taken forward – from the acts of kindness, compassion and patience, to improving our signage in the clubhouse – there are a number of areas that can be addressed almost immediately.

Can you help?

In order to get our Dementia Friendly status off the ground, we are looking for six to eight members to form a working group – both male and female members are required. The commitment will be for the first 12 months of this project, but should not take more than an hour or so out of your time every couple of weeks.

Once the working group is formed, we plan to invite Anne from Alzheimer Scotland to return to the clubhouse to deliver an interactive workshop for everyone who is interested in learning more about our Dementia Friendly status.

We also plan to give you access to further information and videos on dementia, linked to the Alzheimer Scotland organisation.




If anyone would like to volunteer for the working group, please get in touch directly with Ali Brown by emailing her