Jubilee Holiday Game Results
Sunday 5th June 22

Jubilee Players

With the usual end of May Holiday Game changed to the Jubilee Sunday it was played in glorious weather and enjoyed by all in a very friendly atmosphere. Two groups of seven teams played five games of five ends to try and reach the final.

The Runners-Up in the final were Marie Coyle, Janet Faskin and skip Davie Fleming, with the Winners being Jean Fleming, Davie Aitken and skip Eddie Thomson. Congratulations to both teams and thanks to all the players for the happy memories.

The day was sponsored by DONALD the butchers and the very welcome prizes presented by the Seniors Convenor.

A further prize went to Janet Faskin with the nearest bowl to the Jack in the Spider Game and the first Toucher in each game got a small prize.

As usual, the Ladies Team excelled themselves providing for the Tea and Lunch Breaks. Much thanks to them, to Winnie in the Bar and to the Match team for making such a success of the day.

Eric Creaney
Senior Gents Convenor

Winners – David Aitken, Jean Fleming & Eddie Thomson

Runners Up – Marie Coyle, David Fleming & Janet Faskin.