Mixed Fours Invitation Tournament

Wednesday 10th August 2022 


Won by Mount Vernon Team

We are delighted that after three years our unique Mixed Fours tournament has restarted. 

On a rare, hot and sunny day eight invited teams and eight home teams enjoyed five games of five ends followed by a closely fought final between the top teams from each group. 

Congratulations to the Winners – Mount Vernon, who won with four points to three points over runners up Strathclyde.

 Thanks to all the participants,  and we look forward to seeing you next year,  and hope for a return of those who missed out this year.


A big thanks to our sponsors Thomas Bradley & Co
(Wills Power of Attorney & Trusts)

Winning Team Mount Vernon 
Iain MacDougal, Eva Johnston, Alison Boyd & Robert Boyd. 

Runners Up – Strathclyde
Nan Campbell, Alan Campbell, Irene Thomson & Eddie Thomson