Club Improvements update

October 2023

The club has recently had some much needed upgrades which have been on the ‘wish list’ for some time.  
We hope our members will be pleased with the improvements. 

New Boilers

Our old boilers were well overdue for replacement.  Breakdown repair costs were increasing, as well as unreliable heating and hot water.   Four new system boilers have now been fitted and are working very well.  
 The associated hot water tank links up to our new Solar Panels saving us even more!. 

Solar Panels paying off

We are also pleased to report  that the  Solar Panels are doing well and  giving us considerable savings on our electricity bill !

New Tables

 The old tables in the main hall gave the club many good years of service, but were really past their sell by date, with dodgy legs and worn surfaces.    The new tables are modern, of a high quality and will last many years. 

 The smaller matching tables can link onto the end of the large ones to give extra flexibility and the central pedestals allow a lot more leg room.

New Tennis Floodlights

 Much needed new floodlights have been fitted (with grateful help from Colin Simpson & friends which much reduced the the cost of this large project).  

New covers were also fitted to ensure our neighbours are not disturbed, and all the necessary work and electrical checks were carried out to a high standard by qualified electricians.  

 Tennis Captain Stephen McAllister reports the new lights  are fantastic with none of the shadows and electrical problems players had with the old lights.