Solar Panel Installation

An update from the Club President

You may be aware that in 2019  one of our long time members, Jean McEwan,  left us a wonderful legacy in her will. 

  After long consideration by the Club Directorate it was decided that we must do something specific for the long term benefit of the club rather than just  use the money for day to day upkeep and repairs.  

In view of the very high cost of electricity – which shows no signs of abating – the Directors decided that  Solar Panels would be a fitting use of the Jean’s Legacy. 

After looking at all the options and three different quotes,  we decided to install 35 solar panels with 17.4 kwh Battery backup.  These batteries store the electricity generated during the day and this can then be used  in the evening. 

 We expect a return on our investment in approximately 5-7 years,  however this may actually be sooner due to the global energy  crisis. 

Since the system was installed in December 2022,  our electrictricy demands during daylight hours have more or less been fully covered by the solar panels. Now we have entered into British Summer time, we are getting more sunlight which is supplying our daytime use as well as charging the batteries.  This will cover most if not all of our demands during the summer evenings.

If the solar panels generate more energy than we require,  the system diverts the energy to charge the batteries. If the batteries are then fully charged and we still have excess then it uses a  ‘smart system’ to heat the hot water (electric immersion heater).

 If again we still have excess then we would sell energy back to the electricity supplier. This happened this week when we sold 5kw back in an hour – and we are still just in April !  
So far we have saved over £600 on our electricity bill. 

I hope you all feel this has been a good investment and I will of course keep you all updated on progress. 


Colin Simpsom
Club President
21st April 2023